Fitness – Fun – Community!

Fitness Performance Systems is Dublin 15’s Premium training facility and the home of CrossFit Fifteen. Established in early 2011, we set out to develop a training facility that offers top end Coaching, training and guidance to anyone looking to gain long-term health, fitness / performance and well-being.

With over 6, 500sqft we have developed a training environment that is not only welcoming, friendly and supportive but an environment that breeds results, success and a sense of belonging. Our philosophy is that every member is an individual and must be cared for accordingly. With constant guidance and support we work with each athlete and member to help them realise their potential, whatever that maybe.

Our Vision

‘….To develop a safe, creative and professional environment; One which is driven by the success of our members and fueled by a supportive and welcoming Community’

As Coaches we embrace the challenge of developing a useable and balanced fitness within every member and athlete that trains at FPS. We pride ourselves on offering program structures for ALL levels of fitness – whether that be rehab,  general fitness or specific performance development. Our Coaching Team work closely with every athlete / member to ensure quality of service and to ensure longevity within their own personal journey to potential.

We run a number of different programs to cater for each and every level within the fitness spectrum, our 3 main program levels are as follows:

**Each structure has a very deliberate “theme” and goal in mind.

  1. Our FUNCTION program is soley aimed at developing basic structural strength and neural function. Many of those on this design will have movement dysfunction and perhaps old injuries that are still troublesome. The workouts used on this design develops a foundational aerobic base, learning how to move with light load, rarely ‘against the clock’. It improves ones ability to breathe and starts to work on improving ones hormonal balance to a state of well being.
  2. Our FITNESS program builds upon basic structural strength and develops a higher absolute strength ceiling while increasing ones Aerobic base and higher end output. There is a large emphasis on improving body composition aswell as learning how to pace a workout to ensure optimal response from a physiological POV. We begin to look at some more energy system development – however Using slightly less complexed modalities.
  3. Our PERFORMANCE program focuses a lot more on the detailed points of performance within ones strength spectrum aswell as exploring a lot more of the energy system curve with the view to competing at some stage at a local / national level. This design overs a complete approach to ones strengths and weaknesses ( and develop thereof to a point of competing)

Top Grade equipment throughout.

In all program designs we offer a huge degree of individualisation based upon any old injuries or problems that may raise an issue along the way to your goal. ( whether than be a rehab plan, change of stimulus due to life changes etc…)

So as you can appreciate – no level of fitness is needed to begin HOWEVER there is a level of foresight and commitment to long term fitness required. We proudly do not offer a quick fix to fitness goals.